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Clinical and Behavioral Risk Management

Clinical risks not only impact the health and wellbeing of patients, but they can also cause reputational damage and financial liability to healthcare organizations.  To achieve safe and reliable healthcare, organizations must identify their risk areas then implement controls to mitigate those risks.

The team at RRCS, Inc. uses Clinical Risk Management as an approach to improving the quality and safety of healthcare by identifying, measuring and prioritizing potential clinical risks to organizations then creating implementation and monitoring strategies to PreventDetect and/or Direct the risk.

Our team also offers individualized facility assessments and violence prevention education by mental health professionals who are well versed in the development of innovative and effective response to behavioral emergencies in acute care facilities and psychiatric settings.

Our team of professionals identifies risks utilizing the following strategies:

  • Evaluating Findings from Assessments and Audits
  • Analyzing Claims Reports and Near Misses
  • Reviewing Medical Records, Patient Complaints and Past Surveys
  • Using Trends in the Healthcare Environment as a Guide to help discover potential risks
  • Reviewing Policies and Procedures
  • Conducting environmental surveys of the facility

Once risks are identified, our team measures for severity and prioritizes risks into levels of urgency before we implement internal controls.  Our team will work with your organization to mitigate risk through implementation of:

  • Patient Safety Measures
  • Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Evidence Based Practice